Slick Rick

Slick Rick, real name Richard Martin Lloyd Walters is a legendary London born-American artist. He is arguably one of the greatest storytellers the hip hop world has ever seen.  He’s been sampled over 600 times from artist such as The Beastie Boys, Miley Cyrus, Notorious B.I.G and Kanye West. He’s directly influenced the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nas and Outkast combining his unique flair with creative lyricism.

Q) How has being London born shaped you into the artist you are today?

Yes, absolutely. I breath British DNA from head to toe. My diet, taste buds and education, all from Mitchum-Surrey. I lived in the UK up until the age 11. That plus 60’s, 70’s London culture eventually meshed and mixed with USA culture shaped me.

Q) How do you gestate ideas? What is your starting point and how does the process unfold?

I build from melodies that I hear/envision which guides my mood and direction. Music and words are like a marriage to me, it’s all about the chemistry.

Q) What are the key fundamentals of storytelling in your opinion?

Key fundamentals are interesting avant-garde storytelling and visualisation. It is always key to remember that original creative ingredients are the most important in music.

Q) Your music seems to have a positive message; do you think your music plays a wider purpose for those who enjoy it i.e wellbeing?

Natural + positivity is easily embraced, like the order of growth (flowers for instance)

Q) How do you think fashion and music intersect and overlap? What are your views on classic style vs contemporary trending style?

Fashion and music are integral components of art. In my eyes they bounce off each other/ complement each other. Classic vs contemporary is all about learning from the past and future.

Q) Do you think about context when creating music? I.e. what your audiences/critics/ think of it?

My motto is If you enjoy it, they’ll enjoyed it. Being creative is all about letting your gift breath and flow freely, and not controlling it out of fear. Art is the ultimate form of expression. Music in general is the melting pot and evolving voice of the modern.

Q) How has digital change the way you create music? And in your opinion how will digital shape the future for you?

Digital makes releasing music simpler, however, not all generations are into digital, so it is best to have music out on all platforms so that your audience is not isolate.  

Technology is the new future with spreading music. etc. But there will always be folks who are passionate about vinyl, cassettes, etc.

Q) How did you find your own voice with music initially? Where did you draw upon for inspiration?

Stories & humour more than battle raps. Inspiration from my environment that surrounded me, UK, Jamaica and Bronx, New York.

Q) How do you want your music to go down in history and be remembered?

The spirit of the late 80’s to present day filled with soul and imagination.

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