Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus welcome to London, what your perception of London?

Beans and sausages. Fish and chips. Black cabs. Freddie Mercury. *laughs* I’m just kidding dude

Being from the States, what do you think about the UK electronic scene as a whole? Do you think we’re leading from the forefront, or do you reckon you guys are?

I think it’s always ebb and flow. I think the electronic scene in the UK has always been inspiring to me. As far as being a leader or at the forefront and all that, I think yeah, it’s an ebb and flow.

Sometimes y’all got it, sometimes we got it, sometimes somebody else got it you know.

I think it’s actually time for the UK to have a new sound, it’s about time for y’all come through with some new weirdo shit you know. You all had dubstep and now it’s time for something else. I think the kids are going to come in with some new shit that’s going to fuck everybody up, that’s how it goes

What do you think about the James Blake, more chilled out UK electronica?

Yeah like Sampha and all that- yeah cool man, it’s all good. I like James Blake. A lot. So yeah I’m into it, I’m into that stuff

What about grime?

I’m not versed with grime but I wish I was. I know about Wiley and shit. I always love coming out here and seeing grime change, and up and coming whippersnappers and shit.

I like that because it’s got that raw feel- but it doesn’t make sense at home. It’s not how LA sounds but when I come here though it’s like yeah, I totally get it.

With the LA sound, you guys in the last five years have absolutely been leading the forefront in terms of your jazz scene and combining that will older jazz legends like Herbie Hancock, is that something that you’re proud of?

Absolutely. Proud of it. Proud as fuck. Because we work hard and it’s like seeing your dreams come to life you know. It’s an idea that turns into an email that turns into a song that turns into an album- you know it’s crazy. You know, I think my proudest accomplishment with Brainfeeder was Thundercat’s albums and Kamasi Washington’s album, which was huge worldwide. And I was so proud to be able to see this man who would play in these great groups but be like the side guy, or he’d be playing these small clubs – now he’s playing huge ass shows everywhere, it’s amazing. He was even able to sign to another label which was amazing.

What’s crazy about Brainfeeder is that you’re releasing all these artists who are blowing up at the moment, you’re almost like a major label in a way. Was it intentional for you to release these guys in such a way?

You know it was never like that, it didn’t seem like that was really the goal; but you know I just wanted to put out the stuff that everybody else wasn’t. That was my original intent- I wanted to put out the stuff that people might have thought was a little too weird, a little too heady or whatever. I wanted to do that because I feel like I have the ear for it. And yeah, it just kind of blossomed- it blossomed with my tastes. We might be hearing some new things this year

An interesting thing about you is the fact that you’re not conventional as such. People can put artists into boxes- being like an LA beat man or whatever, but you seem to not have any confines. Was it interesting being a black male in LA and playing weirdo music- how did you take that?

Still is. Still is. Man my generation coming up- I’m about to reveal my age now. My generation, like we weren’t even allowed to skateboard, black kids. It was weird for black kids beyond skateboards and shit so now I feel like ‘Oh shit y’all can skateboard? We can do that now?’ So it’s weird, it was really strange. I’m like, one of the only black people I know playing Aphex Twin at shows and shit, you know what I’m saying? It goes the same for films too you know, like I’ve just been exposed to a lot of stuff- it’s not about where it comes from, who makes it, it’s just about if it’s good or whatever

I want to ask you about your aunt. What’s it like being I guess like, the grandson of such Alice Coltrane?

I don’t know the difference you know, its hard for me to say. It’s really special I know that, I know she was a real unique individual and I’ve never met a person like her to this day. And I’m really grateful for that. But you know, to me she was just auntie.


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