RADD: Welcome to London, what do you think’s different about a London party?

KAYTRANADA: I was here last summer, at a warehouse somewhere. It was the same kind of vibe as tonight. People were getting crazy, every song you drop. People are here for the music, they’re not here to look cool- they’re here to see the artist.

RADD: So last year was a huge year for you, you blew up on Twitter and Soundcloud. What does your mum think about it all?

KAYTRANADA: My mum didn’t like it at first…like back in the day when I was at school and was meeker, but now she’s cool, she knows the money comes in.

RADD: Did you even think you would be in the position where you were touring the world playing sell-out shows, did you imagine doing this when you were a kid?

KAYTRANADA: I did, but I didn’t think it would have happened already.

RADD : What do you make of the digital era where a tune can get so many hits online?

KAYTRANADA: I don’t think about that really, as long as the music is good that’s all the matters to me. Your music has to be out there.

RADD: What’s your beat making process?

KAYTRANADA: It always happens randomly, whenever I get a big idea in my head I’m like ‘Oh Shit!’, or I just find a random sample that I like. It always happens in the middle of the night, it never happens during the day.

RADD: What do you think about the new generation of music coming out of Canada, like BBNG?

KAYTRANADA: Yeah BadBadNotGood, they’re cool. I think before people didn’t know about Canadian music, but now it’s got its own scene.

RADD: What other kinds of music are you into aside from electronica?

KAYTRANADA: I don’t really listen to new music today, I actually listen to stuff from the old school – that’s what inspires me to do my music. I listen to old albums that I haven’t even heard from the 80s.

RADD: What about your relationship with Ta-ku?

KAYTRANDA: He’s a homie, we’ve been on tour.

RADD: So you’re only 21 years, still super young – where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KAYTRANDA: I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, I just hope for the best.

RADD: Where do you find your inspiration?

KAYTRANADA: I don’t really follow blogs or whatever, I actually search out rare stuff, and underrated stuff -that’s what I do. There’s a bunch of artists on HW&W who are doing some good stuff.

RADD: Do you find your success surreal and the attention that you’re getting from big names like Flying Lotus?

KAYTRANADA: Yeah it’s surreal, I still can’t believe that I was in the studio with Mobb Deep and FlyLo tweeted me days ago. It’s pretty crazy all the cool signs I get – meeting Pharrell also was crazy. Hanging out with the Disclosure guys…

RADD: So what about future collaborations?

KAYTRANADA: I don’t choose or pick, although if it’s Erykah Badu I would love to collaborate with her!

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