Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Radd: So I’m here with Kid Sid from the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Now, we all know that your style if hip hop focused, but what we really want to know is what kind of music you are into outside of hip hop?

Kid Sid: Well the majority of what’s inside of all of our databases is like 90s ‘hop – Tupac, Ready to Die, Illmatic – we listen to the old stuff ‘cos that’s when it was more expressive. Now it’s more like …they take what’s out there and they reflect it back. 90s ‘hop was just like, you bring it all from inside yourself, just like Hypnotic does.

Radd: What do you think of new school rappers like Frank Ocean and Tyler?

Kid Sid: It’s cool, you know – we give shout outs to all people who’re doing their thing, especially across the world. We listen to certain stuff, but as far as things that are on the radar, we miss it until people start buzzing and letting us know ‘cos we’re songwriters so we can’t afford to just listen to everything that’s good because then your hear it bleeding into our music so we shut ourselves off. There’s stuff that people know about that we would seem like novices with.

Radd: So you guys are all brothers, you probably get asked this all the time, but do you feud? Who’s the ‘lead’ brother?

Kid Sid: Now, right to that question. Let me ask you. You got any brothers man?

Radd: Yeah, an older brother.

Kid Sid: And do you listen to what he says?

Radd: No, not at all!

Kid Sid: Ok, why you think it’s different for us man?! We’re the same as any other family out there, even a little bit better – can anyone out there imagine being with your brothers or their sisters the whole time…having to agree on everything, even on writing music, picking a city to tour in, everything – we doing it as a whole. We always say it’s 70% arguing, 30% agreeing. We don’t get on each others nerves as much as we impress. We make each other happy.

Radd: So you guys tour a lot, I wonder where you think music is heading in terms of how you make money. Do you think it’s digital?

Kid Sid: That’s a good question because music was going digital in like 2002 – 2008, but then people found out that what the audience wants, when you come live people want to feel your performance. If it’s somebody with an instrument that’s taken time to train and master it and give your own shine, so nowadays it’s getting to the time when digital ain’t gonna cut it. Live music is what the whole world is turning to. That’s the key, what does the audience need and that’s what you give them.

Radd: I recently spoke to Nick Catchdubs of Fools Gold records, what do you think of what they’re doing?

Kid Sid: Yeah yeah, they’re doing the same thing we’re trying to do man, we call that taking control. We call them the suits; the guys who are trying to take music and turn it into a brand. We’re all trying to give the people real music in spite of what these “suits” are doing.

Radd: Nick (Catchdubs) was saying he would put shit out there and if it floated, it floated and if it sunk, it sunk.

Kid Sid: And that’s what creativity is all about, people want to hear from musicians, they want to hear what you can give them. Let them choose. They’re gonna choose what touches their spirit and their soul. Our father Phil Coran taught us everything we know and the whole basis of his teaching was, ‘Now Music’, as in – you take your whole day – everything you experienced and you put it into your creativity. So we never play one of our songs the way we did the day before because we’re always morphing and changing according to what we experience. That’s what people need out of their musicians. People forget this when they’re listening to Hypnotic, you’re listening to our breath, and you’re not listening to some buttons being pushed. You’re listening to us breathing into horns, so everything the crowds gives us we give it right back.


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